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I’m so tired,

Death came a knockin at my front door
You know I laid asleep, I ain’t up til four
Cause on my day off, I don’t hear nobody callin
I’m not like the others, who only try and stall he
Came a knock, knock, knockin at my front door
Then he went around back and tried some more
I couldn’t fuckin take it for another god damn minute
So I got myself up and I got down to it

Yeah that’s right
I was a little bummed out
I wasn’t thinking of killing myself or anything

Well I let him in and he sat right down
I started into chatting but he wouldn’t make a sound
I had to think of something,I couldn’t go yet
So I asked him if he’d like to make a little bet
He finally spoke and I thought I saw him smile
I think he took my bet just a little too mild
We played a little game of nintendo vision
I let him go first it was my best decision

Yeah that’s right,
some would say I’m playin with my life
But I ain’t ready to go
Heck (Cause)0 I got stuff to do

I love the life
That I choose to live
The pleasure the pain is mine

Playin with death, now that was rad
I didn’t want to die and it made him feel glad
He took another bong hit, he said with a groan
Hey I’m overworked why don’t you leave me alone
So I made it quick and won the game
I didn’t break a sweat because he played kind of lame
I offered him a beer, and he said thank you,
the last thing I said was don’t call me I’ll call you

Laughin in the face of death
Add a little spice, a little zest to your life
You’ll appreciate things more


from Tricks & Treats, released March 3, 2016
Painting Courtesy of Roberto Fabelo


all rights reserved



GobbleHoof Amherst, Massachusetts

Featuring J Mascis as producer & drummer, and Jens Jurgensen of Boss Hog on Bass. GobbleHoof was formed in Amherst, Massachusetts by vocalist Charlie Nakajima, who had been in the Dinosaur Jr. precursor band Deep Wound with J. Mascis and Lou Barlow as well as an early incarnation of Dinosaur jr. called Mogo. With his speak-singing style supported by writer/guitarist Tim Aaron ...
Steve Huey, AMG
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